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Australia Business Visa

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Business Talent (Subclass 132) Visa

The Australian government offers quite a several visas for business people. The requirements are pretty stringent, so qualifying for them can be difficult, although possible, especially if the business is established and legit. Only legal business people can apply for these Australian visas.

The Australian Business Visa Program is a good option for business owners, investors, and executives who wish to settle in Australia. There are two primary avenues for entry into Australia provided for below:

  • As a provisional visa holder, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency once you establish a business in Australia.
  • Territorial government sponsors are eligible for direct permanent residency.

If you enter Australia under the first stream, you will need to complete a two-stage process to become a permanent resident. A Business Skills Provisional Visa must be held for 4 years before an application can be made for a Business Skills Residence Visa.

Australian PR by investment: Permanent Resident Business Visas. For the second stream of direct permanent residence, a sponsor from the state or territory is required. This category of visa is known as the Business Talent Visa.

Business Skills Program

A business skills program can be divided into four categories:

  1. Owners or part owners of a business
  2. Senior executives of large corporations
  3. Individuals or business owners who are interested in investing in Australia
  4. People with significant business history have obtained sponsorship from a State or Territory government.

Stage 1

Temporary Business Visa

There are 5 eligibility streams for 188 business visa

  1. 188A Visa(Business and Innovation Stream)
  2. 188B Visa (Investor Stream)
  3. 188C Visa (Significant Investor Stream)
  4. 188D Visa (Premium Investor Stream)
  5. 188E Visa (Entrepreneur Stream)

Stage 2 :

Permanent Business visa :

  • 888 Visa is Permanent Business Innovation And Investment
  • 888 Visa (Business Innovation And Investment (Permanent)

Business applicants sponsored by state or territory governments can apply for permanent residence.