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Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT Overview

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) determines a student’s ability to display what she knows and how well she can apply that knowledge in college. The test tests your ability to read, write, and do the math – subjects taught in high school classrooms daily.

Students of the Intermediate and A-Levels typically take the SAT, which is scored on a scale of 400-1600. SAT tests are given at regular intervals.

Format of the New SAT:

Section 1: Reading Test (52 questions, 65 minutes)
Section 2: Writing and Language Test (44 questions, 35 minutes)
Section 3: Math Test: No Calculator (20 Questions, 25 Minutes)
Section 4: Math Test: With Calculator (38 Questions, 55 Minutes)
SAT Essay – Optional (50 minutes)

Key features of the SAT:

The importance of reading should be highlighted in the text

  • By using four instead of five options in MCQs
  • No Negative Marking
  • Essays are optional
  • No sentence completions (vocabulary still counts)
  • One math section is without calculators
  • Fewer “Logic-based” math questions
  • Data analysis in the verbal sections
  • Our SAT Preparation Program

Our years of experience teaching SAT have perfected our methods for preparing students. There is the option of joining either our Classroom Based SAT Preparation or our traditional SAT Preparation.

Classroom Based Format

SAT classroom preparation takes two-and-a-half months, with a total of 80 classroom hours. Four to five classes a week are held, and six full-length SAT tests are administered at the end of the program.
Students take an actual SAT Diagnostic Test at the beginning of the course. We develop a study program based on the results of this Diagnostic Test to accommodate differences in learning ability and to regularly monitor each student’s progress.
For more information about our SAT courses, please call us at the numbers listed at the bottom of the site.

Individual Test Preparation Format

The individual test preparation program is available to students taking the SAT in May or June or those with specific requirements. A unique preparation timetable (referred to as PCR) is prepared for each student, taking into account their individual needs.
Each student starting SAT preparation must appear in a full-length actual SAT Diagnostic Test.

The weighted scores determine the time allotted to each study module during this test. A student who scores well on the Mathematics section, for example, will have to spend less time achieving a high score. On the other hand, if his/her Critical Reading or Writing diagnostic score is low, the program will give him/her more time on these modules.
A three-month course is recommended, which means students will have about 80 hours of preparation time in addition to six full-length SAT tests at the end of the course. Students who can study 5-6 hours a day in addition to classes or are very quick to pick up can reduce the preparation time to 2 months or 1 year with the double-shift study.

Teaching Methods of Dream International

We provide our tutors with the most modern and student-friendly methods of teaching English and Mathematics. Students learn to interact in a class environment that encourages effective learning. Regular weekly testing is part of both preparation formats.
Based on the best sources available, we provide students with extra materials for any section that may be weak for them.

In addition, we help students register for the SAT and, if necessary, help them fill out college applications.

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